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April 1, 2020

How To Revamp Your Existing App & Grow Your Business?

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How To Revamp Your Existing App & Grow Your Business?

The customers in the world of today are on the move and are using mobile phone application platform to get there. Whether they use tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices, they have all the information they require at their fingertips. This is why mobile apps are so important in the market of today. No matter what type of business you are in, a mobile app can help in getting and retaining the customer. We are all aware that the first place customer’s search for service or product is online. Therefore, mobile app development is just not enough for your business but also to revamp it over a period of time to ensure improvements and to keep up with the competitive market. Here are listed a few methods for revamping your current app in order to help the growth of the business.

Home Screen & Navigation

Homescreen needs to provide the user with functionality and journey for completing their priority tasks and content which meets their expectations. Navigation should be task-oriented, logical and clear and their location consistent throughout. Just primary navigation and content should be visible by default and secondary content should be hidden and accessible via swipe or tap. User-interface design is an important factor to consider while making the home screen of the app. Revamp the home screen of the app ensuring all these factors are observed for improving the audience of your app and eventually increase the business through the app.

Revamping Sign-up Screen

The sing-up-screen usually is the first impression of the app and bad experience leads to high rates of app abandonment. Therefore, it should be simple and easy in executing. It should be kept in mind that sign-up forms appear much longer on mobile than a computer. A long form which requires unessential information can be a turn off for the users and as the mobile phone users of today have little patience so the sign-up process should be a speedy one.

The sign-up screen of the app should not be the first screen which should appear in front of the users and they should have a chance to explore the app before being asked for the sign-up process. This will allow more users to adopt your app and help your business is growing by an increase in the customer base.

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Sharing Options

People are becoming more acceptable about the sharing of personal information on mobile devices and within the apps. For establishing trust with the users, they should be told exactly what information they are sharing and with whom it would be shared. Offer the users options of changing the audience who would see their posts. This will increase the user’s satisfaction with the app and promote the business of your application. If your app does not have these sharing options then revamp it for including these enhanced options.

Need for Speed

Working on revamping the UI responsiveness for improvement should never stop as speed matters to everyone. Even speeding up a fraction of response times improves the satisfaction of the user and makes them more likely to use your app. For business apps, users are looking for fast responses to have their work done quickly, therefore, it is very important to have a fast working app to increase customer satisfaction. When testing new features and looking to add functionality, always take a hard look at the impact on performance.

By revamping the provided features in your app, you can increase the app users which will help in the growth of the business and its promotion.

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