Field in Tracking Software

Field Tracking Software

Field-in is a Field Force Team Tracking & Management Software
(Available on Android, iOS and Web)

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Field Tracking Software

Field-in is a Field Force Team Tracking & Management Software (Available on Android, iOS, and Web)

Field in real-time team tracking and activity management software is designed to improve on-site and on-field team performance, purpose-built to support sales and services departments in any business. It helps in tracking daily tasks and reporting accurately about teams’ locations and the work in progress supported by images as posted by the app users from the on-site location or using camera roll and recording valid statistical data for analysis. Such real-time reporting enables teams to perform their best and provides easy management for the collected data that is both secure and up to the mark which helps organizations in devising groundbreaking policies regarding their overall marketing, sales, and after-sale strategy. The mobile and web application has the ability to record a huge amount of real-time data and then send it to an online central server. There is a set criterion on the server that uses this huge amount of data for analysis and reporting and it's customizable to meet any business model. Reports can be further exported as excel files for sharing and printing purposes. Mobile app records data in offline mode as well (including GPS location points) so that data integrity and safety are ensured.

Key Features and Benefits of Field Tracking Software

GPS Enabled Team Tracking Mobile App – Locate Your On-Site Reps and Teams – Reps can start in-app time-trackers to submit their location points and collected data, even in the absence of internet i.e. the offline mode

Start time, end time and total time is submitted to the server upon closing or via 1-tap sync

Better manage your teams

Team reports are based on real-time locations and timestamps

Report filters include teams, activities, timespan and brands

Generate reports for review, both in graphical and/or tabular formats

Reports are exportable into Excel worksheets for easy sharing work schedule & calendar

Location points are recorded at each minute of the activity when a tracker is on (customizable) team reports – easy data analytics for reps and managers

Create tasks and basic app data from Web Admin Panel such as teams, team members, daily schedules, activities, data forms

Create one day or multiple days bulk schedule for team members quick summary dashboard and user activity logs

A dashboard screen for a quick real-time daily summary of activities including active teams, activities in progress/pending/completed

Map view for active team members based on their location data

Track mobile user activities with filters such as location, team and timespan

Technical Details

The system is fully integrated with all necessary APIs tested and perfected to handle various business scenarios.
The system is highly customizable, easy to set up, and can be branded based on your corporate business needs. It facilitates tasks pre-scheduling, ultimate team formations, registration for unlimited team members (both Web-based Admins and App Users), making unlimited form-based surveys for data collection, and/or collecting orders. The system comprises of iOS and Android versions of Mobile App (that collects on-site data) and Administration Panel (for management and reporting). The web-based Administration Panel is developed using PHP/MySQL and it connects with the app using JSON Web Services. the iOS app is developed using Swift, X-Code. Android app is developed using Java and Android Studio. Both apps are universal i.e. they can be run on any new or old smart devices including iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, and Tablets.