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Staff augmentation has become an increasingly popular and potential strategy for companies facing skill and staff shortages. Hiring a dedicated software development team helps you with web, e-commerce, and mobile app development chores. It minimizes the hassle of recruiting and maintenance of staff.

Web Development Team

Hire an experienced and dedicated web development team from Suave Solutions to initiate your project. We provide dedicated teams from startups to large-scale enterprises to meet their development needs.


E-Commerce Development Team

As we have an experienced and skilled E-commerce Development Team, hire us to build a successful online store and get custom e-commerce solutions. We integrate secure payment gateways and inventory management systems for the smooth execution of e-commerce tasks.

App Development Team

Build your android and iOS development team for your mobile development projects. Our mobile developers are skilled and well-versed in framing a mobile app solution for you. Hire from us!



1. What does offshore team mean in software?

An offshore team in a software company refers to a group of IT professionals specialized in software development working remotely from a location outside the country. These teams can have different time zones.

2. How much does it cost to hire a software development team?

The cost of hiring an offshore software team depends upon:

  • Team size
  • Expertise and skill level of the team
  • Team location

Generally, the offshore teams are cost-effective compared to the in-house teams.

3. How can hiring a dedicated software development team helps reduce operational costs?

Hiring a dedicated software development team reduces operational costs by:

  • Eliminate the hiring and training of new employees.
  • Dedicated team can work on multiple projects.
  • Reduces the need for additional staff.
  • Low labor costs in their location.

4. How can a dedicated software team help organizations accelerate their projects?

You get additional resources and expertise to the project by having a dedicated team. A dedicated team reduces its completion time and keeps it cost-effective. Moreover, such teams bring innovation and new perspectives to the project that improves the quality and productivity of the project.

Benefits of hiring Outsourced Software Teams


Skills and expertise abundance


Access to the pro talent pool


Increased flexibility




Higher efficiency and productivity


Risk minimization


Hassle-free hiring


Greater control


No geographical limitations



Area of Expertise

Our development team comprises of:

Mobile Developers
Backend Developers
Front-end Developers
Game Developers
QA Engineers
Business Analysts
Scrum Master
UI/UX Designer
Graphic Designer
Software Architect