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April 1, 2020

10 Best Ways To Increase User Engagement For Your Mobile App

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10 Best Ways To Increase User Engagement For Your Mobile App

Mobile App Development

Did you know that a recent study provides only 20 percent of the apps are only used once and abandoned after that? There are billions of smartphone apps available and users have more than forty apps in their smartphones where it is easy for the app of yours to get lost in the competition. Merely investing in the app is not sufficient; it should match with company overall goals backed up by strong marketing strategy and product. It is not easy creating customer relationship and loyalty in the digital world where loyalty is rare and choices are endless. But, the more you can understand the audience, the easier it will be custom mobile app development accordingly. So we bring 10 best ways to grab the attention of the users and increase engagement with your app.

Ensure Great Performanc

The performance of your app is a critical factor in establishing a relationship with the user of the app. Research provides that if issues are faced by the new users the issues might not return, ever. In order to guarantee conversion from browser to the buyer, ensure the performance of the app by evaluating its load time and make sure that experience is error and exception-free.

Make Speed Feature in App

Society has become more demanding than ever. More and more retailers are able to deliver more products on the same day. Pizza can be delivered with just a tap of a button within 30 minutes. The information of the world fits in our pockets. If the app is not fast and dependable, it is only a matter of time before it is abandoned.

Push Notifications

The app which goes quiet for a long of time gets forgotten and deleted. This does not mean that users should be spammed with irrelevant notifications but push notifications is a great way of drawing the users back into the app.

Keep App Updated

It is important to keep the smartphone apps updated as failure to maintain apps can lead the users to leave searching for other options. Updates appear in the app stores and demonstrate that you are committed to your app.

First Time User Experience is Important

Making first time experience worthwhile is a challenge for the app developers as it is significant for the engagement of the users. The best way to improve the first-time experience is to launch a guided tour for introducing the app for the convenience of the users.

Create a Simple onboarding process for new users

Account creation and login can be a tricky and time-consuming process for the new users resulting in loss of interest. Experimenting with social media login option or no login at all can make the process seamless.

Listen to users

Another important strategy is listening to the audience. When engaging with the users, there are better chances of improving the ratings of the app store & work on the feedback for fixing dislikes.

Mobile Deep Linking

Deep linking in terms of the mobile app development means a URL in the for the mobile Apps that sends the users on a specific page within an App when it opens for the first time which improves the experience of the users and saves valuable time.


In order to drive retention and engagement, users should be given incentives for using the app for a long time. Specific rewards, coupons, specialized access to content, special promotion, and other offers help in encouraging engagement.

Mobile Personalization

Personalization helps in providing unique experience relevant to the user. More aligned the experience is with the needs and preferences of the user, more likely they are in continuing use of the application. Whenever possible, personalize the experience of the users through the known information by displaying relevant material in the app. Content which is tailored to the interest of the users increases the engagement with the app.


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