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Suave Solutions gives you the top-notch Mobile Application Development for your bussines

Having a mobile application for your business means that wherever your audience goes, so does your brand. We develop to create professional, interactive mobile apps that provide genuinely useful & engaging opportunities for potential customers to interact with your service or product. This increases the perceived value of your brand & shows your business a cutting edge in your competitive industry. We have a team of professional mobile application developers in Pakistan that design, develop, and publish the best quality apps for our clients. Check a few of our mobile apps work:



YarnDealz is an e-commerce shop for yarns and handmade patterns for winter clothing. It provides sales and product availability information against different stores.


Kids Music

Music app for kids has engaging features to let them try the skill of their fingers and playing amusing tunes on different musical instruments.


Pakistan Elections

Elections App 2018 is to make you fully in-touch with the latest happening and updates of general elections.


Well-Kept Beauty

We’ll help you take control of your skincare regimen one product at a time. You’ll know what works best for your skin based on your needs not surveys or reviews.


Krav Maga Pro

Krav Maga is the official martial art and reality-based, self-defense and defensive tactics system of the Israeli Defense Forces.


Evolve Basketball

Evolve Basketball App is an all in one basketball training app. It is a complete tool that allows a player to become better in every aspect.



Drop in is an application that lists stores across Kuwait based on their relevant location.