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Delivering Highly Responsive Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A web-based application is an application that uses an internet based front-end with lots of data processing in the backend, allowing users to approach the application from any device, also called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

We are expert in delivering quality web apps with greater flexibility in access, easily updatable and securely configured over the cloud. Our web developers are trained to resolve & handle technical issues & problems with their analytical thinking in order to serve the best to our clients.

Flexibility in Access

Web applications provide users with greater flexibility in access in comparison to the standard software applications.

Easily Updatable

Web apps have the ability to easily roll out updates and patches via the cloud, and greater overall functionality.

Highly Secure

Web apps are securely hosted over cloud. Password protected user accounts provide additional security to sensitive information.


Carefully designed to appear nicely over modern devices like smartphones and tablets. Tested over leading browsers.

Our Expertise in Web Stacks and Technologies

While working with us you can rest assured that we’ll only apply the programming language that best suits
your needs. Our team is capable of working with the following Software Languages and Web Technologies.

Industry Verticals for Our Services

Our web development services cover a wide range of
industries which includes (but not limited to)

Medical & Pharma
Manufacturing & Exports
Banking & Finance
Religious Communities
Agriculture Sector
Energy Consultants
Iron & Steel Industry
Building & Construction
Automobiles Industry
Hotels & Restaurants
Paint Manufacturing
Decorative & Building Glass
Manufacturing Execution Systems

Our Web Development Process

We follow methodologies like Waterfall, Lean, Agile, and Scrum in our projects depending on their nature. We strive our best to deliver highly satisfactory end-product to each customer. We engage a dedicated project team every time we start a project. Our agile methodology experience comprises 15 years of successful work.

A Sales Manager conducts the first negotiations with a potential client. After this stage, research is conducted about nature and feasibility of the project and client industry niche. Then before officially starting the work, a team is carefully selected and engaged on the project.

Normally we engage min. 4 resources per web project, namely Project Manager/Team Lead, Developer, QA and UI UX Designer. (i.e. for mobile app or website projects)

Involvement of PM throughout project's life-cycle is approx. 15% of the estimated completion time. Similarly, a developer is engaged for almost 60% of the whole duration. However, a QA is involved 15% and Designer is involved 10% of that completion time.

We use Skype, Teamviewer, RedMine, Monday, Emails to interact with remote clients. Over 15 years of our work, we have carried out over 500 projects from remote clients from beginning to end, so rest assure, your website is in careful hands.

1. Defining Projects’ Mission, Aims and Objective
2. Researching and Defining Audience Scope and Security Records
3. Requirements Specifications or Feature Summary Document
4. Project Plan and Key Dates
5. Application Visual Pattern, Design Layout, Interface Design, Wireframing
6. Database Structure Design and Web App Development
7. Testing: QA, Multiple Browser Compatibility, Security, Performance - Load and Usability
8. Web Application Software Maintenance

Why choose us?

With so many web application software developers out there, you are apparently wondering why you should hire us. Here is an answer.

Our technical team is more than a simple tech contractor. In fact, we take a truly consultative approach to web application development, considering your broader organizational objectives to help devise an all-inclusive development plan that best suits the needs of your organization with one-stop-shop solution from inception to delivery.