Software Development Methodology

Software Development Methodology

Suave Solutions provides its clients with the Software Development Methodology that best fits with the client’s desired project and delivers amazing results with consistency and on time.

The Art of our Development Methodologies fits with your every project

Our software development methodologies are based on project nature, size, user requirements, delivery time, and financing. We employ spiral model and waterfall model according to the nature of the client’s project which is supported by a strong project management team to deliver consistently superior results.

Discovery and Analysis

We’ll look at your business strategy, processes, and portfolio to determine which proven and emerging technologies will work best to boost productivity and revenue. Our project manager will gather all the information from the customer to develop a product as per the client’s expectation. Any type of ambiguities must be fixed in this phase.

Planning and Design

After the analysis phase and finalizing requirements, we’ll share the project plan with all the key dates of deliverables. We’ll sketch out 3-5 interface layouts of different views. This phase will completely describe the scope and purpose of the projects. Boundaries are set to not allow the project to expand or shift from its original purpose.

Development and Execution

We have all the expertise to work in almost any modern-day technology. All the software components are integrated into this phase. Our developers ensure to follow the design document to make the project according to the client’s desire. We ensure the work is fully tested and responsive to modern devices.

Delivery and Retainer

We ensure the delivered work is fully tested and as per clients expectations. After testing, the project is ready to go live. If any issue comes up in the project, our maintenance teams are ready to fix the issues. We also offer highly flexible digital marketing and retainer plans for your project.

Global Delivery Methodology

Our field-proven global delivery methodology enables us to shorten total delivery time, accelerate time-to-market and deliver significantly higher value for our client’s investment. In many cases, Suave Solution is able to undertake projects and deliver business value that would not otherwise be possible due to prohibitive cost, unavailability of needed expertise, or an unacceptably long time to market.
Our development methodologies are fully intact with offshore development and have the capabilities to overcome issues raised during client interaction and requirements gathering.
Suave Solutions has already used Software Development Lifecycle for Small Projects for a number of projects which fall under the category of small and Medium level solutions and e-commerce applications.

Artifacts Involved in Development Process

Each phase of our employed development methodologies outputs artifacts and valuable deliverables, which becomes the input of the next phase and that makes it possible to end with quality product and on-time shipment. Following artifacts will be generated and acts as the output of all activities performed within each phase separately:

Design Document

SRS Document

Workflow Diagrams

Test Matrices and Plans

Setup Scripts

Use Cases

Class Diagram

Data Flow Diagram

State Machine Diagram

Component Diagram

Data Model

Source Code

Entity Relation (ER) Diagram

Test Cases (Positive and Negative)

User Manual